Take the Stride to Ride Your Life in Honesty Like Grains of Sand That Can Withstand the Test of Time

If the sands of time could speak it would clearly attest to the long journey, travels from sea to sea, along with the ability to support and sustain you and me. The earth’s sand has been around for a really long time,long enough to understand that working towards understanding the importance of global unity, done in honesty, should be concluded at every opportunity. The best rewards, in life, are earned by doing honest work, that makes you proud to be alive. Decide to live your life right by taking the path or steps to learn your craft or career in honor. Expect to excel, real well, to reap abundance, by doing the toil and work yourself. Hard, honest works need to be accomplished, by you,before you leave this world behind.Living and completing an honest days work is taking the correct stride and riding in honesty with perseverance.We are currently the most prominent planet on the galaxy with a great mission- Solicit peace,honesty, and guarantee an ample return on your investment. It is important to seek unified, peaceful connections to other people, lands and nations, before our time living on earth passes us by. Know that how you lived your life matters more than how you finished your life.Enjoy and spend more time in nature, the bountiful natural views that seek to capture and enrapture your attention daily. Open your eyes, if you wear glasses- like me, put on your glasses and see the regal beautiful view that nature and natural living has to offer you. Nature is calling you to take a vacation. Go on a bus, car, plane or train and become familiar with a new locale- a place where you don’t know anyone. Vacation in a faraway land- visit the Mediterranean. Engage the many serene sites and cities that abound around the globe. Watch with astounding pleasure a sunrise or sunset. Learn to appreciate the various combinations and marriages of purples, pinks, reds and blues. Life is much the same as a multi-color assortment of pencils with points and colorful experiences to design and create.

One day, you may regret that you did not spend as much time enjoying the sun and the stars. Life events can keep us consumed, though don’t be unfair to your eyes or to the air, care to spend more time outdoors, teach your children the value of going outside to play. As we get older, we must rely on our legacy more and more to finish the work that we started for global peace, cultivating nature, and unity. Children are the instrument to the future progress and function of our society in every key, color and nation. Be assured that there has to be a creator, after all who created everything?Acknowledge in the creative flow of color, like diversity colors are bold, beautiful and distinct, yet the same in many ways. DELIGHT IN DIVERSITY- A MANY SPLENDID RAINBOW WHEN BLENDED TOGETHER RENDER A BEAUTIFUL HUE FEATURING ME AND YOU AND OUR RESPECTIVE CULTURES, BELIEFS AND INTERNAL PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE. Rainbows are how you know that storms have passed and that the possibility for a flood as been decreased. Allow love that flows from the Universal collective effect of love and compassion. Exude love in truth, honesty and compassion; exude more passion daily.Appreciate the glow of moonlight to reach the person,on the car, or plane ride sitting to your left, or to your right. Be apprised that the love, or lack thereof, from person to person, is a sad day for everyone. Demonstrate more love and compassion, learn that a lack of love for the Universe saddens the vibration felt by all humanity- Universal joy or lack thereof, affects everyone on the globe, in case you didn’t know. What you do daily- on the planet affects everyone’s vibration. Share and show warm feelings of care and concern, even before you feel happy or content. Your outer expression will draw love back to your internal soul.Global warming can also imply the warmth of love and unity fulfilling and uplifting the vibration by people sharing love, culture and traditions. When global warming is done for the love of humanity the whole globe benefits. Our children are watching us. Children will fix the future of our current mistakes in society for all nations around the world to live and see!As you well know the global setting is one of mixed highs, lows caused by misunderstanding, or a lack of communication. Fuel the words that you use in all of your communication, be a catalyst for peace. Flaming words of encouragement will create or invite positive ways to express peace wisdom or entertaining verbiage. Your words manifest light, like the sun. – The sun is shining down from a clouded sky with sun flares that stare at you waiting for you to make a move to inspire, incite or to draw closer to your dreams and intentions.

The heart-moving day for openly expressing loving words of kindness is coming fast upon us. VALENTINE’S DAY is just around the corner. It posses an ample amount of opportunities to seek a great day of gratitude for the fulfillment of genuinely expressed Universal love.
ENjoy LiFE and EnJoy LIving- SEe to gr8 Heights of success U can Reach in hONEsty and AbunDANCE. Live life IN THE CREATIVE FLOW OF LOVE, know that you are more than just a carbon footprint left behind at the end of your life.Realize your unique expression by thoughts, words, deed or ideas growing and flowing in love, honesty and light, let the world recognize you by kindness to humanity and by your love for the planet. Take the stride to ride your life in honesty like grains of sand that can withstand the test of time.***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!******